Does Google like your site?

Does Google like your site?

You know the importance of having your site show up high in the search engines and trying to snag a top ranking is something everyone works to achieve when designing their website. The playing field recently changed in regards to how Google displays search engine results and is something you should know.

On April 21, Google began using a new algorithm that favors mobile-friendly sites. What does this mean for you? If your site is not mobile-friendly according to Google’s indicators, it will be automatically dropped to the bottom of the rankings for a given search. Google’s reasoning is that because so many people use mobile devices to search, they want to make sure they present the best results for mobile users and will give preferential treatment to sites that are deemed mobile-friendly.

How do you know if your site will pass muster with Google? You can check your site to see what needs to be updated, by going to:

Once there, you can type in your website address and it will analyze the current site and display the results. If Google says you need to make changes and you aren’t sure how to go about doing this yourself, contact CMS Design Studio for a free consultation.

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