Drive Traffic with Useful Content and Relevant Links

What’s the point of a website if it doesn’t get good traffic? How do you get good traffic?

Lots of shady web marketers would tell you that paying them a great deal of money will guarantee you a top spot on the search engines and drive lots of traffic to your site. But research shows that people visit a site that interests them or has something of value that they need or want. And search engines give higher priority to sites that have relevant inbound links and useful content.

Some of you may remember the idea of banner exchanges. People used to exchange links the way kids trade baseball cards. You would put a link to their site on yours and they would do the same for you. This translated to ‘links’ to your site from lots of different places so it made your site look important to the search engines. However as search engines sought to improve their benefit to users they realized that these inbound links needed to be relevant. So a link to an lawn mower site on a website about antiques wasn’t going to mean as much to the search engine as that same link to the lawn mower site from a website about lawncare and landscaping. Do you see the difference? If you want to drive traffic to your site by inbound links be sure the sites who are linking to you are relevant and meaningful to your audience. Quality vs. Quantity!

Providing useful content and extras is another way to drive traffic to your site. It is obviously important to be as descriptive and informative as you can when writing the content for your site. But are there extra things you can do to encourage people to share and link to your site from their blogs or social media? Can you offer an ebook, video or audio of your product, research results or infographics that people can download and pass around online? As your digital content makes its way around the web, more and more links are sent back to your site as the original source.

Both relevant links and useful content will drive traffic to your site and get you the leads and sales you want. Contact CMS Design Studio to discuss how you can increase inbound links and add shareable content .